How LSI Tools Can Help During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Vacation rental companies and accommodation providers across the country are facing a world of new challenges in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. From potentially losing prime season reservations due to travel restrictions, to taking extra steps to ensure each unit and home is clean, it is a tough time for vacation rental companies in the United States, and around the world.

At LSI Tools, we understand your challenges and frustrations, and we are here to help.

We know this is not an easy time for your company and your team, as we all adjust to the new normal and pay extra attention to providing stellar vacation rentals and services while remaining as safe as possible.

But the good news is that LSI has a number of tools that can help you ensure that you stay ahead of all these changes, and can maintain your operations – and your income – in the weeks, months, and potential years to come.

Ready to learn more? We are always available for a demo or a consultation, to discuss your company’s particular challenges, and to find real solutions via a suite of modern software tools that work with your PMS.

In the meantime, check out just a few of the tools that LSI offers that can help your business during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Rental Insights is one of the most thorough and extensive data mining tools on the market, and it uses years of your guest information to provide accurate management reports and niche marketing campaigns to your biggest source of reservations – past guests who have not yet booked a future stay.

Conduct hundreds of searches to identify guests who haven’t rebooked, and who can be contacted via emails or marketing campaigns that are based on a wide array of filters. From pet-friendly properties, to smaller homes, to last-minute reservations, to seasonal guests, your marketing team can flex their creative muscles and can come up with countless niche campaigns that are inexpensive, and which result in new bookings.

In addition, Rental Insights has timely information on what weeks, property types, and other areas of your operations need attention. From identifying your current income versus previous years through automated daily snapshot reports, to pinpointing properties or weeks that may be in trouble, Rental Insights has a wealth of valuable information available at your fingertips.

Data Insights – FREE for all property management companies, (and always will be!)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to identify how you stack up to the competition on a local, statewide, or even national level, and Data Insights allows you to do exactly that through intricate reporting that displays just how well your company is doing in an ever-changing market.

With Data Insights, you can garner endless information on how your company is performing through a series of in-depth reports that can be customized to collect the data that you need most. Review the success of your marketing campaigns and strategies, and look for new opportunities to boost your rental rates or bookings. With Data Insights, the data that directly affects your bottom line is continually available, and you can enhance the way you make informed decisions throughout your company’s operations.

ResMail Pro

ResMail Pro allows you to provide your guests with the information that they need the most – automatically.  From confirmation at the time of booking all the way to departure surveys and everything in between, ResMail Pro is a complete guest email communication solution. Automated emails include pre-arrival emails letting the guest know what is happening in the area, and everything else they need to know such as gate codes or lock codes, payment receipts and reminders, upsell emails, post check-in and pre check-out instructions, and more.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, with circumstances changing on a daily basis, communication is more important than ever, and ResMail Pro allows your company to provide updates and ever-changing information with ease. Include special COVID-19 instructions for specific properties, areas, or for your entire company, and edit as needed with just a few clicks. It’s essential to stay connected with your guests, and ResMail Pro allows you to share all essential info while saving hours and hours of time.

Schedule Pro

Getting your vacation rentals clean and ready for your guests is also essential during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many companies now have special procedures, rules, and extra steps that need to be accounted for when it comes to housekeeping.

This is where Schedule Pro comes into play. Schedule Pro completely automates your housekeeping schedules, assignments, and payroll, allowing you to easily review weekly schedules, assign cleaners as needed, quickly print individual schedules or a master list, and export all payroll data to accounting. In addition, housekeepers and vendors in the field can instantly access their schedules via their mobile device, as well as any specific COVID-19-related instructions, and can notify you when a property is complete without a phone call or a trip to the office.

Simply put, with LSI Tools, you can save time and money while navigating through the era of COVID-19.

Reach out to us today to explore your options when it comes to COVID-19 solutions, and we’ll work together to ensure that your company stays on top and remains both profitable and organized, no matter what the future brings.

We’re standing by to help, and always will be.